Question: plotting a 2xN matrix

1. How do I take a 2xN matrix and plot it on a 2D graph by its columns?

2.How do I take a number n and a 2xN matrix and return the product of A^n with the 2xN matrix, where A is a 2x2 matrix?

3.How do I, using your two functions above, write a procedure which plots on the same graph the result of multiplying the 2xN matrix by A^n for n = 0,1,2..10. How do i cause these sequence of plots to be displayed as an animation?

4. How do I Demonstrate, for an appropriate choice of 2xN matrix, a function given in part (3) for the following choices of A:


(a) A matrix which shrinks any figure by a factor of 4/5 but keeps its orientation

(b) A matrix which rotates the figure by 10 degrees


(c) A matrix which rotates the figure by 45

o and shrinks it by a factor of 1.414

(d) A matrix which enlarges the figure in the x direction by a factor of 1.2 and shrinks it in the y direction by a factor of 1.2.

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