Question: Problems with Physics package

I just upgraded to Maple 12 because of its ability to perform abstract index calculations. However, I'm having trouble getting started with it. My first problem is with the Simplify command: if I define a completely symmetric tensor using the command


and an antisymmetric tensor using the command




correctly returns 0. However, if I define T to be symmetric in only its first two indices,




returns T[mu,nu,rho]*w[mu,nu]. Why doesn't Simplify recognize that the contraction yields zero?


My other problems are more general. How do I define a tensor with multiple types of indices? For example, I want to have spatial indices that run from 1 to 3 and spacetime indices that runs from 0 to 3.  I also want to have tetrad/frame indices and coordinate-basis indices. I thought I could use gaugeindices to accomplish that, but I can't figure out how to define an object with a gauge index.  Also, is there any way to convert an abstract tensor into an Array?


Thanks to anybody who can help.

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