Question: LambertW


Nasos 84 Maple

Dear all,

Im solving the following equation: V=I(t) * Z (V)

I substitute I and Z with the corresponding equations and I solve for V :


and maple solves nicely  it using LambertW and i can plot V for a range of t.

I want to do the same but instead of the equations of I=f(t) and Z=f(V) to use straight the values from tables like:

   I            t         .........         V         Z

0.01      0.3                       500    300

0.02     0.8                       800     400     

0.05      0.9                     1000    500

..          ..                            ..             ..

Im trying to avoid any deviation caused from the produced equations of I and Z. How can i do that? Apologies if my question might seem trivial but got me pazzled. so any comments would be appreciated.



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