Question: Derivative of Vector (t-dependent Velocity vector, t-dependent acceleration vector)

Hi folks, I have been trying to solve that problem for the last 2 days, but I dont get it:


Lets say I have a velecity vector which is dependent from t:


Now I can find the velocity at any given time by typing for instance: v(4)  works perfectly.

What I want to do now is finding the acceleration vector (all components of v(t) diff t) dependent from t, so I can also find the acceleration vector at time=6 by typing: a(6)


When I try:


and type


, I get the right result.


But, when i type


,I get an error, because t is substittuted by 5 before executing the derivation, and a derivation by 5 is obviously not possible.

I also tried any configuration with the subs command, trying to substitute t by e.g. u, perform derivation and resubstitute u by t. Does not work. The acceleration has to be the same kind of vector as velocity (no list).


I am very greatful for your help!

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