Question: Solution of PDE with boundary conditions

Hello, I have a question concerning PDEs with boundary conditions. Now, I am trying to solve this PDE to get final expression.

> PDE := diff(c(x,y),x,y)+A*diff(c(x,y),x)+B*diff(c(x,y),y)+C*c(x,y)+D  (A,B,C,D are constants)

the boundary condition are

> BC1 := c(0,y)=39;
> BC2 := c(x,0)=39*e^(-x);

I want to solve above equation by using maple software(Currently I am using Maple 10). It's not difficult to solve it numerically,but I was wondering is it possible to find the final expression of complete solution. If you have any idea to lead this problem using this software, please help me.


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