Question: At my wit's end. . . how do I make it approximate?

When I do an integral Maple sometimes spits out ridiculous answers.... I don't have an example off hand but oft it will give me trig functions that it SHOULD evaluate. Last night at my lab I was trying to do a taylor series that involved sine squared and to the fourth, and instead of giving me NUMBERS like I needed it left it in terms of sine which was utterly useless to me! Or another thing  it will do is give me stupid numbers, like cos(2pi) or sin (pi/2) that it should evaluate for me. Not that I can't on my own but when I have a deadline I need numbers and not have to play around with an answer. The same with natural log, it will put ln(e) to some power. For example, this integral (sorry if it's hard to read)

int(r*e) dr


when evaulated indefinitely from 0 to a gives lots of ln(e) terms that clutter the answer.


How can I make maple stop doing this and give me actual numbers? Right click approximate, nor "simplify," don't appear to do anything. I'm so frustrated and can't find any documentation on this.

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