Question: Implement a piecewise function in a DynamicSystems[AlgEquation]

What I have done wrong?


eq := [piecewise(p(t) < prec, p(t) = C1*exp(function), p(t) >= prec, p(t) = C1*exp(function))]


params := [C1 = .2, prec = 100]

sys := DynamicSystems[AlgEquation](eq, inputvariable = [function], outputvariable = [p(t)])

But I recieve the following error message:

Error, (in DynamicSystems:-AlgEquation) cannot match the arguments to an appropriate system

There are some restrictions about the functions I can use to define an Dynamic system of AlgEq?

Is there an alternative way to implement a piecewise function in a Dynamic system of AlgEq?

thanks a lot


Marco Romanoni

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