Question: Why does it take so long to build a simple list using seq?

Should it really take 103 seconds to build a list of 95850 floats on a 2GHz machine?

I am using the data from the attached .m file and using the following code (I am not doing anything here but I will be) on the list, angles1_s which is read in from the .m file

and this takes 103 seconds on a 2 Ghz dual processor machine with 2Gb mem. ( It did take 282 seconds using  "for – do"  loops, longer than seq as per the help files.)

There 95850 floats in the file but it still seems like a long time.
Why so long and are there speedier methods?
<a href=''>Download 2129_angles1_s.m</a><br/><a href=''>View file details</a>

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