Question: Struggling to figure out why the errors in the maple system

1. y''+4y'+5y=0  IV= y(pi/2)=1/2 and y'(pi/2)=-2  I can get to the dsolve and than I run into errors.

2.y''+2ty'+3y=0,  t=0 is an ordinary point of the equation and how is it possible to find a power series solution?

3. Is it possible to solve a problem like this is maple?

A mass weighing 32lbs stretches a spring 2 ft, the mass is initially relesed from a point 1 foot above equilibrium position with an upward velocity of 2ft/s/

 A. Find amplitude and period of motion

b. how many complete cycles will the mass have complieted at the end of 4pi seconds?



Also, is it possible to map out all of the steps? Any advice will help.


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