Question: MY MAPLE WORKSHEET IS VERY VERY VERY SLOW: can you help me to speed it up?

Hi to everybody.  I have to manipulate a system of partial differential equation,one by one.I have in particolar to derive a lot of time my differential equations(shallow water equations),and then to group, to substitute and at the and I need time derivative in function of spatial derivative.

I'm almost done. The problem is that now every time that  I execute a command it takes  a lot of time. The entire file takes some minuts to compile. It's so slow.

I have got some your  suggestion like to convert everyting in MATH1D but it's slow anyway. I attach you the file So my question is:

maybe it will be better working in classical maple instead of standart. But if I save my file as .mws  the file that I get has a lot of line where is written: 

Typesetting:-mi("output redirected...",italic = "true",mathvariant = "italic")

 print([label reference non supported]); input placeholder 

How can I do to convert correctly in classic maple?

will it help me?

thanks a lot


Download 8216_M1DdaZERO2.doc
View file details   Note: the file is .doc but in fact it is a maple compressed file. My file was bigger of 800 k so I compressed it with winrar and I colled him .doc because is not possible to upload rar files. So you have to rename it rar and than extract him.


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