Question: Calculate the determinant of large size square matrix

I was running on Maple 11 to calculate the determinant of large size square matrices. The matrix is sparse with floating-point entries and the size is roughly 6000*6000. Because the matrix is sparse, I set "storage=sparse" in defining the matrix, so that there is no storage problem. But when I used the command dtn:=Determinant(A, method=float) to calculate the determinant, there were the following problems:

Error, (in Matrix) Maple was unable to allocate enough memory to complete this computation.  Please see ?alloc

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-Determinant) Matrix does not evaluate to floating-point

Error, (in Matrix) not enough memory to allocate rtable

When running, Maple will give the above one or another error message. I used the command "kernelopts(datalimit)" and could see that the memory software limit is infinity. There is 4G physical memory on my computer. It gave the above error message when consuming roughly 500M memory. This is very strange and I don't know how the handle with this problem.

I am wondering whether there is a way in Maple to calculate the determinant of square matrix of size roughly 10000*10000 with floating-point entries. Thank you!


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