Question: How to plot a multi-coloured, 2d vector feild, from a set of data

Hey its Paul, I have another similar post to this one where I ask this question as a continuation of a question I had previously asked. However I am going to keep the two questions separate.

At each point I have the same data as I had in the previous question:

c:  an integer from 1-5 specifiying which differential equation was used to calculate the z value at this point (this information shold be represented by different coloured vectors)

x: this is just the x position of the data point

y: this is just the y position of the data point

z: this is a dH calculated from 1 of 5 DE's, based on the x and y values. I want this Z information displayed as a vector. I am not sure how to handle the normalizations of these vectors (does it automatically normalize?) basically the Z that is given in the data file is the change in height given a small change in x, so i could potentially make the vector at each point be [0.001, Z] or something like that.


I dont actually even need a vector at each point, I just want something to represent the slope (which a vector does, but requires 2 components). Basically what I want is a direction feild for the DE's i am simulating.

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