Question: Accuracy of 3-D Plots


in areas with strong slopes the accuracy of 3-D plots is quite poor.

E. g. is in the following plot the area with the strong slope displayed angular (also dependig on the perspective).

plot3d(0.2387865921e-3*Pi*sqrt(2)*(1/(Pi*T))^(3/2)*v^2*exp(-0.1924464758e-2*v^2/T), v = 0 .. 1000, T = 0 .. 500, axes = boxed);

Is it possible to enhance the quality (resolution) of a plot in this reginons (or in the whole plot)?



Is there any command to plot the function above as different 2-D plots for specific parameters e. g. T=100, 200,300 (without defining the function for each parameter)?

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