Question: ODE RLC circuit, with Special Wave Forms as Inputs


I've a problem with special waveforms like Square, Triangular and SawTooth. I've to solve a RLC circuit ODE for the capacitor's charge  (q(t)) as a function of time with an Voltage input of a Square Waveform, Triangular WaveForm and a SawTooth Waveform. I solved the problem with one oscillation for each waveform, but the problem says that we have to work with the periodical characteristic function for each of them.

My question : How can I transform one oscillation in a periodical function with maple? (repeating that oscillation along the time).

Oscillation for Square waveform:
Et:=t->piecewise(0<=t and t<=2,2,2<t and t<=4,0):

Oscillation for Triangular Waveform:
Et:=t->piecewise(0<=t and t<=1,t,1<t and t<=2,-t+2)

Oscillation for SawTooth Waveform:
Et:=t->piecewise(0<=t and t<=1,t,1<t and t<=2,0):

Thanks in Advance!

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