Question: what's the reason behind this?


I founda something strange here:




y(x) = sin(2*x)*_C2+cos(2*x)*_C1+1/8*cos(2*x)+1/4*sin(2*x)*x


that's the answer maple give me when i run it for the first time

take a look at the two cos(2*x) tern?

shouldnt that be just ONE constant times it?


ok then if you run it again

somtimes it can collect them together give you single cos(2*x) term with ONE constant

but sometimes it just keep giving you TWO cos(2*x) terms.....


I am using Maple 11.02 Classical Mode on xp xp2 english version


Is this somekind of Maple programme problem? Personally I am interested in mathematically programme developping as well. So it brought my attenstion




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