Question: Export 3D Plots as DXF fails(?)

Hello Maple experts,


I would love to export some 3D plots from Maple (v. 11, Java interface, WinXP) and imbed them into a PDF manual file. This should be supported by the current Acrobat version which lets you import e.g. DXF files. So I right-click on the 3D plot and chose 'Export'. But whatever I do it seems that the exported DXF files don't contain all objects (e.g. no points in scatter plots, no dotted lines, axes or bunding boxes), have no color etc. Since I have no further experience with CAD etc. it is well possible that I'm doing something wrong. On the other hand, when I searched the forum, it seems that the DXF export function is not really mature.

Can somebody give a hint how I can export 3D plots so that they have a reasonable similarity with the Maple plots?

Thanks in advance.

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