Question: Erratic Behavior of display3d in maple10 & Maple hanging up frequently

A link to a Maple10 worksheet is attached below.  The worksheet has the command lines but has not been executed so it size came under the limit for uploading.  The worksheet is an effort to animate the radius vector to a spacecurve complete with the tangent vector and associated normal and binormal vectors.  Early in the worksheet we suceed in animating the radius vector and the spacecurve.  This success was achieved with some pain.  For instance errors with the plot structures na ddisplay command would not work unless the whole sheet was executed - if, after this, an individual plot structure command was executed the animation was lost and the whole sheet had to be re-executed.  This is obviously inefficient but more importantly I don't recognize what the problem is and so the learning opportunity is lost.

Further down the worksheet an attempt to animate the spacecurve, radius vector with  the  tangent, normal and binormal vector does not suceed.  Testing confirms the plot structures that are invoked by the display3d command work fine - the  display3d command does not execute. I am not sure why!

Towards the end of the worksheet I also get a display3d command reporting an error, not sure why it is!

The Maple worksheet hangs up frequently, particularly when I do to delete the semi colon at the end of some plot structure commands! Is this unusual? The worksheet is not that large or sophisticated so we assume we are doing something wrong.

Any commends and  suggestions will be most appreciated.



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