Question: How do I string together text

I am writing a small procedure to help out some friends in a Diff EQ class and I want to print out little notes (their prof is letting them use maple on the test).  In other languages if I wanted to print something plaintext I could usually enclose them in quotation or tickmarks, or I would precede them by a backslash.

I am trying to say "implies F is equal to [crazy long function]" and I would like to use that cool little implies sign that maple has but whenever I do that I get a weird error message

What I am looking for is basically the maple equivalent of cout << "=>" << myFunction; I tried using a plus sign, the & operator and even commas but I can't figure it out.  Am I missing a print command that doesn't evaluate anything? just prints it very pretty like.

On a side note, I realized by trial and error that enclosing text in quotations will keep words like not and to from messing things up but then it prints the quotation marks on the worksheet.  I don't really care about this so much but I feel that if I solve this problem my other problem will go away.  I have seen some stuff online about creating a foo such that when called as print/foo (or whatever the direction of the slash is) it would print everything plaintext, but I am hoping for a pretty print that doesn't evaluate

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