Question: Using fsolve for solving a set of equations involving procedures

(1) Maybe the following problem is closely related to "An easily corrected limitation to symbolic derivatives in fsolve() when solving a system of equations" in TomM's blog.

(2) The problem: I would like to solve a set of equations with


      with the procedures

     f:=proc(x,y) x^3-sin(y); end proc:
          local sol:
     end proc:

    With the modifications suggested by TomM in 'fsolve/sysnewton' it doesn't work. The Maple error message is:

   Error, (in fsolve) {x,y} are in the equation, and are not solved for

   I think the problem is the  "complicated"  procedure g, which itself  contains  fsolve.


Could anyone help? I think this problem in solving sets of equations involving procedures  is rather general .






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