Question: How do I solve with recursive assignment?

I need to solve P = Inertia*A*sigma[net]/(Inertia+(1/2)*A*(e+v)*d).  Everything has been defined, but v is dependent upon P.  I"ve tried rsolve (probably incorrectly) and all it gives me back is the same equation with all the variables replaced by their assigned values, still with P on both sides.

P = 2.666845389*10^(-12)*Pi^2/(1.450695744*10^(-11)*Pi+6.406272405*10^(-13)*Pi*(0.10e-1*tan(0.5637758661e-1*sqrt(P))*sin(0.5637758660e-1*sqrt(P))+0.10e-1*cos(0.5637758660e-1*sqrt(P))))

If I try and solve that for P, I get a "warning, solutions may have been lost" error

Please forgive my inexperience.

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