Question: solving a pde with boundary and initial conditions

Hiya, I'm trying to solve this pde in Maple:

> PDE:= diff(c(z,t),t) = k*diff(c(z,t),z$2) + w*diff(c(z,t),z); 

where k, w are constants, but I don't know how to apply the boundary conditions:

c(0,t)=0 and 0=k*diff(c(z,t),z$2) + w*diff(c(z,t),z) at z=h

and initial condition c=f(z) at t=0

I know by hand you would solve by separating variables, but is there an equivalent method in Maple?
Eventually I want to plot c(z) for given times to show how the solution evolves... but one thing at a time!


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