Question: Compiling in Command Line MAPLE

I have recently been informed by people on this forum of the usefulness of Command Line MAPLE when compiling large programs. Thanks once again. As a test program I used WordPad to create f:= proc(x); x*5; end proc; then saved this as TestProc.mpl in C:\Program Files\Maple11 I then gave Command Line Maple the following commands > read "TestProc.mpl"; > f(x); and got the result 35, which I was hoping for. In a new command line session, I did the following... > interface(verboseproc=2); > writeto "BesselJ.mpl" > eval(BesselJ); > writeto (terminal); I then closed the session, picked up "BesselJ.mpl" with WordPad. I changed replaced every occurence of BesselJ with BJ2, stuck "BJ2 := " in front of the text and then saved it. Then I went back into command line Maple and did this > interface(verboseproc=2); > read "BesselJ.mpl"; The read appeared O.K, and I verified this with > eval(BJ2) which gave me the code back. However, I got the following results > BesselJ(0,0.5); .9384698072 > BJ2(0,0.5); BJ2(0,0.5); Evidently, unlike the case with TestProc.mpl, I need to do something else to process the code which came from "BesselJ.mpl". Any suggestions as to what would be greatly appreciated. Download 2292_BesselJ.mpl
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