Question: Evaluation Rules/Problems in Maple

I wrote a procedure that should generate a series of functions. Now I would like to integrate over the sum of a specific series of the functions. Unfortunately I can't get Maple to evaluate the last integration command even though I can plot the sum of the functions. >iLk_waveform_func:=proc(Ue,Ua,Ia,L,T,t,n,k) > local liL; > # n := number of phase > # k := index of iLk > if not (t::numeric and n::numeric and k::numeric) then > return 'procname'(args) > end if; > > > if (t The Maple output to the integration command looks as follows: I am thankful for any help. For further details look at the following maple worksheet: Download 305_piecewise_timeshift_possible_solution.mws
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