Question: Piecewise Function

I'm trying to enter a piecewise function with three parts, but can't seem to figure out how to make an extra line (the "expression" selections have one, but it only allows two lines to be entered). I read somewhere else to do CTRL+Shift+R, but that didn't seem to work. What I'm trying to enter is
y=x^2-5 x<2
-3x-7 -x<-2 and x<5
abs value(x-2) 5<x

I can get the first two lines, but can't find a way to include the third line. I'm supposed to graph the function so that all 3 are shown (may not be connected), and then I have to evaluate f(-3),f(3), and f(7). I haven't tried the evaluate part, because I can't seem to get all three components to graph. I have Maple 10. I'm new to Maple, any help would be greatly appreciated, this is quite the learning experience!
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