Question: how to get maple to break down the problem into steps, not just the answer

other post I am trying to solve the following problem and many others like it but showing how to do it step by step. f := [z = (1+y+y^2-y^3)/(1-y)^3] I am to pick a value for z between 0.601 and 0.899, I chose 0.8 since its as close to a solid number as I could get. z := `0.8` eval(f) z := 0.8 eval(f) hmmm still not solving or breaking down the problem, just showing my the problem with 0.8 in place of z solve(f) nope, still didnt get it broken down, just the answer. just the three values of y... As far as i can tell, I did it exactely how I was supposed to. Thank you so much in advance for all your help. Well I have been reading through the documentation and scouring the web for info and examples... I came up with nothing... its been like 12 hours... I got to sleep. I will see if I can figure it out again tomorrow... this program looks as though it can be used as a great learning tool. It even says on the main site for maple 10, and this is a direct quote: " More than just the answer Maple 10, in addition to providing the answer, also displays all the required steps and the “thinking” behind the math problems you are facing.".
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