Question: Root Finding

Question:Root Finding

Brandon 24 Maple
I have a problem: I have an ODE, dT/dy, that depends on y and k, but k itself depends on rho and T. The only problem is rho cannot be obtained analytically--it's a complicated function. However, I can use a rootfinding algorithm,(fsolve), to determine rho at given values of y, thereby making my ODE solvable. I want to use dsolve to numerically solve this ode. The problem is I can't seem to be able to input the fsolve equation as an argument to the dsolve command. It keeps telling me : Error in fsolve, y is not solved for. But my intention is to use y to solve for T and rho in dsolve. If anyone has any idea I would greatly appreciate it. I've considered not even using fsolve, but trying to use something like RootOf instead, but that doesn't work either. I have Maple 9.5 Thanks in advance, Brandon
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