Question: Saving Plots from a Maplet

Does anyone know if there is a way to save plots in a maplet? The following does not produce the expected .ps file: -- with(plots): with(plottools): with(Maplets[Elements]):
plotfunct := proc() plotsetup(cps, plotoutput=`c:/`); plot(x^2, x=1..10); plotsetup(default); end proc:
m := Maplet([[Button("Plot", Evaluate(function="plotfunct()")), Button("Quit", Shutdown()) ] ]):
-- Note: there may be a typo in this example--- I did not copy/paste but instead retyped a simplified version of what I'm trying. Some have mentioned that this is a security issue. If so, is there a way to specifically run a maplet in a privileged environment? Similar experience is noted: Thanks, Daniel
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