Question: ODE w/power series....PLOTTING

I have two IVP ODE's that i can find the approximate solutions of but I cant figure out how to plot them correctly

for the first one i have tried this..

it needs to be plotted on the interval [1,4]

> with(plots);
> plot((-1)-1+x+(1/2)*(-1+x)^2+(-1+x)^3+(2/3)*(-1+x)^4+(37/60)*(-1+x)^5+(127/360)*(-1+x)^6+(31/140)*(-1+x)^7+(185/2016)*(-1+x)^8+(53/1620)*(-1+x)^9-(391/151200)*(-1+x)^10-(1097/90720)*(-1+x)^11-(160903/11975040)*(-1+x)^12-(969289/97297200)*(-1+x)^13-(4366883/681080400)*(-1+x)^14-(5242229/1513512000)*(-1+x)^15+O((-1+x)^16), x = 1 .. 4);

the error message i recieved...

'Warning, unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct.'


the second problem asks me to find the exact solution using dsolve and the first 20 terms of the ODE and the recurrence relation, all of which i have found i just need to know how to plot them on the interval [-1,1]


any and all help would be greatly appreciated. im an engineering student and im losing my mind cause its finals week and i need to study not do maple hah

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