Question: A strange situation when using fsolve

Hi folks,

I'm using Maple14 (Build ID 479326).

It's unable to solve the folwing

fsolve({(1.+x[1])*exp(x[1]) = 7.505833908*10^26, (1.+x[2])*exp(x[2]) = 3.000809640*10^12}, {x[1], x[2]});            (1)

while the following is OK!

fsolve({(1.+x[1])*exp(x[1]) = 1.957098401*10^25, (1.+x[2])*exp(x[2]) = 2.756557339*10^12}, {x[1], x[2]});               (2)

and produce this results

{x[1] = 54.22468033, x[2] = 25.37267523}.                                                                            (3)

I've plotted the expression in (1) out and clearing see an intercept.  So why is Maple unable to solve?

Many thanks.  Desperately need to figure this out fast.



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