Question: Cannot call SVD

I'm getting an error trying to get the singular vector of this matrix:


e2 := Normalize(<100,200,1>, Euclidean):
e3 := Normalize(<-500,-600,1>, Euclidean):
a := e2(1):
b := e2(2):
c := e2(3):
d := e3(1):
e := e3(2):
f := e3(3):
A := Matrix( [[a,b,c], [d,e,f], [a,e,f]] );

SingularValues(A, output='Vt');
Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-LA_Main:-SingularValues) Matrix of type complex(extended_numeric) required for output object(s) [Vt]

If I remove output='Vt' then it works to give me the singular values, but all I want is the right singular vector....and yes I want an exact answer without floating points.  Any solution?

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