Question: What's wrong with with the code?

What's wrong?
Hello everyone.
I probe a Maplet's example about a Procedure Call but, when I run it, displays the following error:


"Error, _Inert_NAME, _Inert_EQUATION, or _Inert_MEMBER Expected in _Inert_USE map-list, got Maplets But" Tools ";


The code used is as follows:

Graphing: = proc ()
local R, G, B, result;
Maplets use [Tools] in
result: = plot (MathML:-Import (Get (MathMLEditor1)), x = 0 .. 10);
end use:
end proc:
Maplets [display] (result);
read "C: \ \ Maple \ \ Procdto.maplet"

And finally, does not display the requested graphic. What's my error? Can you help me?

Best Regards




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