Question: Can I get rid of the CSGN function and make my vector answers look like calculus book notation?

r(t):= <t | t^(2) | (t^(2) )/(2) >

simplify(simplify(PrincipalNormal(r(t), t, normalized), symbolic),symbolic)


The three lines above are part of a worksheet that computes unit tangent vector, unit normal vector and components of acceleration for a parametric curve r(t) ,  a standard Calc 3 lesson.

I am getting correct answers but with some notation that I know will confuse my students.  the second line gives an answer that contains the CSGN notation .  I have the Meade et al  book that shows the example 

simplify (sqrt(x^2),symbolic )   which overcomes this problem.  But it is not working for me.

The third line gives the answer expressed using the  ex , ey  etc. basis.  Can I get it in the < -- | -- | -- > vector notation?

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