Question: Is there an equivalent for command?

Can the seq here be made into an equivalent for command?



This is code I've converted from Matlab.  Now I'm attempting to convert the seq here into a similar but simple for loop without using seq.  There is a similar code line in Matlab using a for loop but I have no experience with Matlab, I was only experimenting to see how easy it could be to translate the code to Maple.  

The Matlab code was something like

for new=step

I managed to convert it, as you see above, using seq but I can't see how to do it as simply as Matlab in Maple with a for loop.
The similar command in Maple ...

for new in step do
end do;

... prints out many plots for single points. However I think the constructs are different in matlab and I'm pretty sure you can't use plots in Maple the same way plots are used in Matlab inside for loops.  Is there?  Perhaps there is an easy way.. I haven't found it yet. 

Any ideas?

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