Question: Another question about extract matrices, puzzling

QuetionLinearize.mwWhen I use 'Linearize' command to linearize a equation, linm:=Linearize(...), it returns a state space or, a differential equation.

Then I want to extract the matrices of the state space, I type linm[a], but failed.

Is there any way to extract the matrices a,b,c, and d from the output? Note that this problem is different from the one which had been submitted.

If I set the options of 'Linearize' command to 'outputoption'=equation,namely,

linm:=Linearize(...,'outputoption'=equation),then it returns a differential equation, I want to obtain its transfer function from this differential equation, is there any way to get the transfer function?

Thanks a lot!

A simple example has been uploaded.

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