Question: pressing return does not advance to another line

Every so often when I press return, the cursor will not move to another line.  I have to use an arrow key to move it to the next line to continue wit hthe execution.  This is extremely annoying.  Any idea why maple is beaving like that?

I can get the whole document executed when I use the !!! comand but the cursor ften stays in some command line in the middle of the document instead of the last line.

Also when I have a line of text in between commands, if I press return in a command it will move to the text area and again I have to use the arrow key to move the cursor to another text line.  I remeber in the old worksheet pressing enter will skip over the text area.  What is the p[oint of omitting this feature in the "new" interface?  I don't want to goback to the worksheet mode but may be I should.

If I  use the ! button the test lines will be skipped over the text area, but sometime the cursor will get stuck in a command line area as mentioned above.

I can't believe that I am the only one with this problem but I can't find an aswer through search.

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