Question: 3D surface plot using surfdata from data points


I have spent all morning trying to create a surface plot from a set of survey data that I have. The data I have is in the format xi, yi, zi. It is in Excel in columns. I read some previous questions on this topic, but my plot just comes out all jumbled.  Here is what I coded.

As soon as I figure out how to post images, i will post the plot...

The data comes from the survey of a foundation that I did.

"a" is the name of the data that I imported from Excel

aa := [seq(a[i, 1], i = 1 .. 46)];

bb := [seq(a[i, 2], i = 1 .. 46)];

cc := [seq(a[i, 3], i = 1 .. 46)];

plots[surfdata]([seq([seq([aa[i+23*j], bb[i+23*j], cc[i+23*j]], i = 1 .. 23)], j = 0 .. 1)]);

The discussion that I read to get even this far is here:


Here are the first three points from Excel:

3 29.5 0.25
3 22.5 -0.25
3.5 43 0.625




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