Question: Creating and displaying arrays with 0 based index

Hi, I am a student (with some programming background) in desperate need of help.

How can I create a zero based array in Maple and display it?

I am having all kinds of trouble creating vectors and arrays in Maple (the help is cryptic). This is the closest I got:

>F := Array(0 .. 4, 0 .. 4, [0])


That creates a 5x5 array of zeros, with the upper left element indexed by (0,0) (right?).

How do I display the array?

I tried this:


Array(0 .. 4, 0 .. 4, {}, datatype = anything, storage = rectangular, order = Fortran_order)


That is not helpful. The help does not show how to diplay the arrays elts.


Thanks for any help. I am very frustrated. I sent a "Question" last weekend (supposedly they answer students' questions), but did not get a reply. So I am grateful for your help.


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