Question: Plotting parametric solid of revolution.

I am sorry if this was already mentioned in previous posts but I can not find it. I am dealing with plotting the solids of revolution. It is easy when you have explicit function form, for example 2-x^2. Then, when you want to rotate it around x axis and plot the obtained solid you could write:

> p := plot3d(2-x^2, theta = 0 .. 2*Pi, x = -sqrt(2) .. sqrt(2), axes = frame, coords = cylindrical):
> plots[display](p, orientation = [90, 0, 120]);


Now, I would like to rotate the function with parametric form: "x = t - sin(t), y = 1 - cos(t), t =0..2*Pi" around x axis and I can not find out how to plot the obtained solid.

Thank you in advance.

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