Question: Incomplete Quoted Name error when using Terminal.


I've been running the following program in a maple worksheet and it has worked fine.

Now I want to run it on an Ubuntu machine that has some extra computing power to get through a big data set.

However I get strange "Incomplete Quoted Name" errors, even when I have no quoted names in my input at all.

This is just alittle bit of the output I'm getting:

    |\^/|     Maple 14 (X86 64 LINUX)
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 \  MAPLE  /  All rights reserved. Maple is a trademark of
 <____ ____>  Waterloo Maple Inc.
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> with(GraphTheory): with(StringTools):
> strongprod := proc (G) return GraphUnion(CartesianProduct(G, G), TensorProduct(G, G)) end proc:
> compv := proc (vert) with(StringTools); return parse(Take(Select(IsDigit, vert), 1)), parse(Drop(Select(IsDigit, vert), 1)) end proc:
> NeighborsV := proc (G, vert) local u, v; u, v := compv(vert); return `union(`union`({Neighbors(G, u)[]}, {Neighbors(G, v)[]}):, {u,v}):end proc:
Warning, on line 4 of "auto2copwin9.txt", incomplete quoted name;  use ` to end
the name:
> GraphList := ImportGraph("/home/lbaird/Desktop/graph6c.g6", "graph6", output = list):
Warning, on line 5 of "auto2copwin9.txt", incomplete quoted name;  use ` to end
the name:


You can see the full code here:


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