Question: Fibonacci egg shape equation tia sal22

Greetings All 
I can create/plot an egg shape waveform using the equation 

y(x) = sqrt(abs[sin(x)+0.1sin(2x)]) 

Here's a link to it below/ image of it attached 

However I would like for it to follow the 
Fibonacci / golden mean egg shape spiral does anyone know 
what this equation should be? 

Ps: I do know that the golden mean is .618... and the 
fib series is 1,1,2,3,5,8..... the problem I'm having 
is getting it into the y(x) = sqrt(abs[sin(x)+0.1sin(2x)]) 
type of format. 

I tried following the instructions in this pdf doc but still 
couldn't figure out how to get it into the

y(x) = sqrt(abs[sin(x)+0.1sin(2x)])  type of format.  Any help would appreciated.


tia sal22 

egg shape equation

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