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When executing DEBUG within inline code (not within a procedure) the values displayed in successive debug windows (on clicking continue) are added to the end of my worksheet. How can the latter display be prevented?

This Anti-derivative of  arccos(x)*arcsin(x), Maple  2020 cannot do that? It seems not difficult.


In Mathematica, we can easily to get output :

2 x - Sqrt[1 - x^2] ArcSin[x] +  ArcCos[x] (Sqrt[1 - x^2] + x ArcSin[x])

When pressing !!! (Execute entire worksheet) it seems to me that startup code is executed.

Is that correct, and if - why is that so?

How can I transform the following differential equation from (x,t) to (X,T) coordinate, where, for example, X=x-alpha*t, T=beta*t (alpha and beta are constant)

diff(z, t)+(diff(R, x))*L+A*(diff(L, x))+diff(k, x, x)-(diff(k, t, t)) = 0



Where u(x,0)=f(x),D[2](u)(x,0)=g(x),u(0,t)=0=u(L,t),L=2


please do this as mentioned above

Dear all

I use Maple 2018 and have following problem:


I define following procedure and want to plot it. However Maple displays the coordinate system but does not plot anything nor gives and error message. Hope you can help.




local b,i:
 for i from 0 to n do
  if i=0 then
  elif i=1 then
  end if:
 end do:

return b[n]

end proc:




Why was the question and answer deleted for this?



load this Maple code done'nt work!!!

Hi All

I've been trying to plot multiple data sets using the dataplot function but it doesn't seem to work. It just outputs what I've written. I was wondering is there some package I need to run dataplot? Or is there any other way to plot multiple data sets? 

Thanks in advance



I'm using Maple2019.

Here is my code:

point(o, 0, 0);
point(A, 0, 1);
point(d, 0, 2);
point(F, 0.8944271920, 1.4472135960);
line(lOD, [o, d]);
line(lAF, [A, F]);
alpha := FindAngle(lOD, lAF);
                      alpha := 2.034443936

FindAngle is supposed to return the smaller angle between two lines.

Here it is greater than Pi/2

How can that be ?

Thank you for your advice

Today I Installed  Physics Updates" version "642 in Maple2020, why does it tell me  it has installed but is not active? How to active it?


`The "Physics Updates" version "642" is installed but is not active. The active version of Physics is within the library D:\\Program Files\\Maple 2020\\lib\\maple.mla, created 2020, March 5, 9:36 hours`

 Where u(x,0)=f(x),D[2](u)(x,0)=g(x),u(0,t)=0=u(0,1)


I keep getting errors empty sets or only header information using the HTTP or URL package to when trying to download files from here through Maple. 

How do I download the csv files from here?



is it possible to solve the attached partial differential equation with zero initial boundary condition?

If not by assuming diff(u(sigma, tau, phi, t), t, t)=0 is there an answer for the equation?


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