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I just use the Maple for one month, I want to use the Graph theory Draw a graph(networks) with 70 vertex, but the arrow of edges is always near  the beging point of 

arc, which lead to the arrow can't  be seen clearly, I want to change the sytle of edges by changing the arrow position , but I don't find a correct method , can anyone help me ? Thank you very much!  

how can i solve: cos(x+y)sin(x-y)=cosx-siny? PLEASE HELP!!

Hi guys, I am struggling with these three equations. The first is a nonlinear equation which can be solved numerically with the boundary conditions y(infinity)=0 and y'(0)=0. a1 := diff(y(r), r, r) = -2*(diff(y(r), r))/r-1.3*10^12*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r)))) Now y(r) depends parametrically on u and b which can be determined using these equations: a2 := -1.5*10^8*(int((3*polylog(5/2, exp(b(u-y(r))))/b^(5/2)+y(r)*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r))))/b^(3/2))*r^2, r = 0 .. 10)) = -129000 a3 := 3*10^8*(int(r^2*polylog(3/2, exp(b(u-y(r)))), r = 0 .. 10))/b^(3/2) = 1
Guys, I solved a huge set of non linear equations for a range of input values and the results printed out are of a great volume and it is too hard to read the value for a particular set of input values.Is there any way i cud get the results in a table form as we get it in matlab in the workspace window.So i cud easily copy paste in excel sheets.



I have an equation
y = b*sech(b*acosh(1/x))*tanh(b*acosh(1/x))/(sqrt((1/x)-1)*sqrt(1+(1/x))*(x^2));

where b varies from 2 to 101,as b = M+1 ; M varies from 1 : 100
x = 1.001:0.001:1.01

The problem is I am simulating a chain network with M routers.For M =1 and 2 that is b = 2 and 3 the analytical and simulated results are almost concordant with 4 and 9 respectively which are the limits.But when I increase the b values they tend to hit numerical stability issues and lose accuracy.

Hi everyone,

does anyone know how to use the LagrangianMultipliers function so that the solutions obtained will be the closest integer smaller than whatever the output is for each entry in the list.


LagrangeMultipliers(x1*x2*x3*x4*x5*x6*x7, [x1+x2+x3+x4+x5+x6+x7-32, x1^2+x2^2+x3^2+x4^2+x5^2+x6^2+x7^2-160],[x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7]);

will give us entries which are not integers, and if i use other conditions I will sometimes not receive any integer solutions - which is to be expected.

Any help would be warmly received.



Hi guys,

I modelled a surface, of which I'd like to have a mathematical representation. The following image is what I need to have.


I've written the parameters of both curves that are drawn on it.

I'm supposed to be able to find it, but I think I just didn't do enough pure mathematics in the past year ...

Hope you can help me?


I've used very similar code before, this time different equations, and for some reason getting the subscript selector thing, which Maple Help claims to have never heard of before.  I've been fiddling around with the code, and NOTHING gets rid of error.  PLEASE HELP!!

Is it possible to change the x_axis to an expanded scale for values less than zero, and keep the regular scaling for positive values?  In other words, display the x-axis from  -1 to 0 using all the real estate on the left side of the y-axis, and 0 to 10 on the right side.  Ratch


I want to increase the length of a slider so I can display more values .

How can this be done ?

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Please see the attached Maple 12 file. I need help in entering and solving this type of polar coordinates.

Any help will be appreciated greatly



As the title says already:
Is it possible to stop Maple when executing the entire worksheet with !!! ?

I want to check some intermediate output before the rest of the worksheet should be executed.
I searched for help on 'break', "quit', "wait', "pause', 'exit', but can't find a command that does the thing I want.

Any ideas?


MySimpleMaplet := Maplet([["Bienvenido Usuario al Generador de Solidos de Revoluci?n"]]);

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I would like to know how I can calculate the minimum of a function that  is the solution of a differential equation in a (time)-efficient way

Parameters:L := 0.5e-2; Zs := (2/3*180)*10^(-6); Za := (4/3*180)*10^(-6); ss := (2/3*14)*10^4; sa := (4/3*14)*10^4; a := 1.35; N1 := 600; N2 := 300;

Solution of the differential equation:


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