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hi there ! i wrote this in maple: for i from 0.86 by 0.01 to 2 do print(fsolve({x1+x2 = i, -3*x1+4*x1^3-3*x2+4*x2^3 = 0}, {x1 = 0 .. 1, x2 = 0 .. 1})) end do it computes the values of x1 and x2 and print them . but i want to store these values and the corresponding value of i in two separate arrays i.e. one array having values of x1 and corresponding i ; and the other array having values of x2 and corresponding i. and at last i want to plot the points in both arrays on the same graph so that i have a curve for x1 and x2 both on the same plot having i on its x-axis.
Hey there . i am new to this software.. so please help me to plot this: i have two equations: x1+x2=m -3*x1 + 4*x1^3 - 3*x2 + 4*x2^3 = 0 i want to have m on the y-axis . Range for m is 0.4..1 i want to have the curves of both x1 and x2 on x- axis and on the same graph . Both x1 and x2 have a range of 0..1. thanks in advance ..
i have 3 equations as follows: x1+x2+x3 = m (where m is any constant. it can be taken 1 for finding solution) -3*x1+4*x1^3-3*x2+4*x2^3-3*x3+4*x3^3 = 0 5*x1-20*x1^3+16*x1^5+5*x2-20*x2^3+16*x2^5+5*x3-20*x3^3+16*x3^5 = 0 0
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