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@C_R how to display all of three coordinat in a frame? thankyou

@C_R  I need to make in a frame three point in blue, green and red lines when the same t . for example when t = 2.979 I have vertikal node is 7465. 6963 for red line. so I need the vertical coordinat for green line and blue line when t = 2.979. I need to display the three coordinat in a frame. Now I just can display one coordinat in a frame, it can bee see in the picture . I steel need the  coordinat for green and blue when t = 2.979  

@Rouben Rostamian  thank you very much. its very helpfull

@acer thank you very much, your answer is all what I needed.  you are very helpfull. thank you

@acer yes, I want to save  values  for each time around, it will help me to analize when I decided to make a harvest for my population. if I know all the local maxima value for each time around it will be good for me to make a decicion for my population. Thank you

@acer , I have another question. how to get data from the curve above. For example, I want to know when the x value is maximum and what the value is

@Preben Alsholm  thank you so much

@acer yes , you are right. hank you very much. it is very helpfull

@rcorless  thank you for your answer, its very helpfull

what the meaning this warning : Warning, cannot evaluate the solution further right of 1.3344882, probably a singularity
this happened when I take t = 0..1.5. if I take t= 1..1.3 this warning is not appear , but the grafik is still appear.

how to analize this warning
Thank you

@mmcdara thank you

all parameters are positive, with range [0.1] except alpha AP andaAlpha S >0.

@mmcdara , thank you, I will learn it,anda I have send you an email

@Rouben Rostamian  i want t explain my project. I grow chicken, fish and vegetables. they don't breed, they only grow or gain weight. then they interact, where chickens eat fish and vegetables, fish eat vegetables, and vegetables are fertilized using fish and chicken manure. The data I collect is the monthly weight of the chicken, the monthly weight of the fish and the monthly weight of the vegetables. i want to estimate parameters or coefficients. do I need more data to estimated the coefficients?

@mmcdara thank you very much . I need to estimate the parameter/coefficients with my data. I still confuse whether my data is sufficient for the purposes of estimating the coefficient or not. thank you very much. 

@Rouben Rostamian  my data for t =1, A=201.8, I = 89.3, S=7. for t=2, A=257,27, I = 113, S=13, or t=3, A=432.82, I = 150.8, S=20, or t=4, A=730.909, I = 169.8, S=27. i want to estimate the 8 coefficients  aS, mu1, mu4, etc. I'm confused about whether my data is sufficient for the purposes of estimating the coefficient or not. thank you very much 

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