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The result of the following lines in Maple is V := [5., 3.,5. 11., 6.] that I think should be V := [5., 3.,5. 0., 6.], is there somthing wrong?


v1:= Vector([-28., -63., -17., -55., 17.], datatype= float[8]):

V:= LinearAlgebra:-Modular:-Mod(11, v1, float[8]);

I wanna solve a collection of linear systems Ax=b_i, i=1..n, with A an upper triangle matrix, parallelly with Maple. Is there anyone can give me some suggestions? Thanks lot.

I want to construct a functional with

f:=unapply(diff(eta[i],x)=k[i]*e[i], i);

but get


Any one can help me? 

I want to construct a sequence of diffenrential equations with


but I get

0 = k[1]*f[1], 0 = k[2]*f[2], 0 = k[3]*f[3], 0 = k[4]*f[4] 

Is there anyone can tell me what I have done wrong? Thanks a ton!! 

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