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hi! Can Somebody tell me how to implement the equivalent of Mathematica's Split function with two arguments: Split[list] splits list into sublists consisting of runs of identical elements. Split[list, test] treats pairs of adjacent elements as identical whenever applying the function test to them yields True in Maple. Thanks, Raj
Hi! Could somebody please tell me if there is a student version of the Global Optimization toolbox? Thanks, Raj By the way, I bought Maple 11 today...its awesome!!!
hi! Could somebody tell me how to evaluate this double integral in Maple int(int(A*sin(2*Pi*B*(alpha-beta))/(Pi*(alpha-beta)),beta=-T/2..T/2),alpha=-T/2..T/2) Thanks, Raj
hi! Could somebody tell me if Maple has the capability of solving Partial Differential Equations using the method of Separation of Variables. Thanks, Raj
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