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Oh sorry - I misunderstood then. Currently I have to solutions, both of which are acceptable, though not completly what I want. One of them is to use logplot instead of plot - that is indeed working, though it is not as cusomizable the ideal solution. The second is a small shellscript I've made, to run the commands in the gui (though the .mapleinit file), and then kill maple after it is done processesing.
That problem is, that I - as he also assumed - that I want to export the graph to a postscript file (or any other image format for that matter), without user interaction.
Thank you. The logplot command is indeed working, though it still cannot print out colored graph - but I'll live without it. ;) EDIT: Sorry, I fixed that myself - it just required me to use the cps instead of the ps driver. Also, it is not just a bug in the plotps driver, as the axis[2]=[mode=log] option is not working with the ascii-driver either - I do not think it is working with any commandline driver.
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