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@Carl Love 



It seems that begins to work!    :-)

@Carl Love 


Thanks very much for your answer Carl Love, but what I want is that the "function" or "procedure" fun(curva(m,t)) (for a given "m") returns a function on the variable "t". The function above "fun", really is a tree variables function (because we intrate respect to "x" from 0 to 1), so the composition  "fun(curva(m,t))" (for a given "m")  should return a single one variable function. In the above example , for instance fun(curva(2,t)) returns the function


But I think that this return is wrong because, for instance, no "sin" appear. In fact, the function "fun" I have defined as



But fun(x,y,z) returns

which I think that is not correct, where is the term in "x"??

Thanks very much again!

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