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I am trying to implement the algorithms given in this paper (free for download) in Maple 2015


Such algorithms, apparently very easy, provides an approximation of  a sapce-filling curve and its pseudo-inverse. I am interesting in this space--filling curve for its properties. Please, find attached the Maple file, I am not sure if the code of the paper is not fine or I am doing something wrong. 

Many thanks un advsnce for your help



I want to implement to attached fortran program in Maple 2015 (the procudure starts at the end of the first page). 


The code does not seem dificult, but I don't know how to interpret the instructions "go to" of fortran. Reading Maple's doc about the "goto" instruction, I don't understand how to implement it.

Can somebody help with this code, please?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.


Somebody know how Maple computes (numerically) the values of the Z function? That is, if we run the command evalf(Z(3)), How compute Maple this number?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.


The so called Haar system is given as the follwoing sequence of functions:



Someboy know how to code the above functions? For a given n, I think that the rpoblem is to find the numbre k in the above definition.

Many thanks in advance for you comments.


I have created a procedure for the so-called "Chaos Game" for the generation of Fractals. The file is the following:


On the other hand, for a given day set D:={(x0,y0,(x1,y1),...., (xN,yN)}, for simplicity we assume D is contained in [0,1]x[0,1], one can to construct an "Iterated Functions System" such that its attractor set contains the set D. A detailed exposition of this topic can be found in the famous Barnsley's book "Fractals Everywhere". Also, in the following paper (sections 2.5 and 4-A):


I have tried to implement in Maple 17 a procedure to create such Iterated Function System:


But, I feel that there is something wrong...After plot (with the Chaos Game procedure) a lot of points of the Iterated Functions System (i.e., an approximation of its attractor set), I have a "set of points", instead of a figure similar to a curve (which I feel that must be the correct).

Please, Somebody can have a look to the attached files?

Many thanks in advance for your comments.

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