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I am comptuing the eigenvalues and the characteristic polynomial of a 8 by 8 symmetric matrix, say M. Thus, we define the matrix M, and compute its charast. plynm. by



and its eigenvalues with the command



Well, Maple returns the charast. polynm. an dthe eigenvalues. But, if we compute p(E[k]), for k=1,...,8, thats is, the values of the polynomial p(x) in the eingenvalues, Maple not turns cero!!! I'm really confused ... anyone know what could be happening?


Maple attached file with this example. Thank very much for your help!!


Download exam_eigenvalues.mw


I'm trying to define a function by a definite integral. For this, first we define the following  procedure



and the map


So, for a given m, my desired  "function" should be fun(curva(m,t)). The problem here, is that this function not work because, for instance, for m=2 the command fun(curva(2,t)) returns the below expession, which i think is wrong (where is the expression on "sin" or "cos(2*Pi*t)" ???)

Somebody can help me??



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